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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Birthday Morgan Horse: 24 of the Best Memories With Libby

Today is my 24th birthday, but it also marks another important day in my life. It is the 10 year anniversary of me owning a Morgan Horse. Libby came to me on free lease when I was twelve, from my trainer, Jody Toms. After two years of getting to know each other, my parents took some money they had set aside for me in a savings account, along with their own contribution and purchased her for me. She is truly a horse in a million, and although she has been retired for a few years now, my memories of her are still some of the most precious I hold. Here are twenty four of my favorite moments with Libby over the last 10 years.

  1. The first trail ride I ever took on her. I couldn't help but fall in love with her personality almost instantly. 
  2. The first big show we ever did in Perry, Georgia. We got disqualified in every single class. Hey, sometimes you have to fall before you can fly. 
  3. The hundred times I fell asleep in her stall at horse shows.
  4. Feeding her cake every year at my birthday.
  5. Learning dressage with her, and finding we were pretty good at it.
  6. Being one of the first Western Dressage teams to show at Southern States Morgan Horse Show.
  7. Getting our trailer stolen on the way to OKC for AMHA nationals and clipping her in the middle of the main strip with borrowed clippers, and her never batting an eyelash.
  8. Winning Reserve Champion in Junior Trail the same year, despite it all.
  9. Dressing her as a carousel horse and me as Mary Poppins for the costume class at the Virginia State Horse Show and winning.
  10. Getting Trail added as a division at the Southern States Morgan Horse Show. 
  11. Riding her for every single test for my AMHA Justin Morgan Horsemastership, demonstrating what it truly means to be versatile. 
  12. Pretending we could jump or barrel race so that we could compete for the all around title. 
  13. Getting to meet her former oner, Denny, who I now have a penal relationship with.
  14. Swimming with her in the creek one exceptionally hot summer day.
  15. Teaching numerous trail demos to other young riders. 
  16. The one flawless (or as close as we've come) trail class at Virginia State Horse Show.
  17. The year at Virginia State Horse Show where we were the only team in three classes to successfully complete the back through.
  18. Riding sidesaddle for the first time. 
  19. The time I fell off during a speed event and she realized it halfway to the finish line and turned around to come back for me. Someone caught her and she tried very hard to take them out. 
  20. The times she wouldn't talk to me because I came home from college smelling like another horse. 
  21. Having a Hands on a Morgan Horse event for the campers at Camp C.H.I.L.D..
  22. Bareback riding with total security. 
  23. Riding her in the flag presentation in Oklahoma City at AMHA nationals. 
  24. Riding her down the aisle at my wedding. 

She is a horse in a million, and I am so glad to have had her for the last 10 years.

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