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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Snack Struggle: 27 foods I need to start keeping on hand for smarter snacking

I haven't done the best job recently of taking care of myself, and that was definitely a contributing factor  in my contracting bronchitis, my waistline staying the same, and my continuing stress levels. I can make a million excuses, but I'm in the process of trying to take those out of my vocabulary. One of the things I've decided to work on is improving my snacking habits. Here is a list of 27 snacks I intend to start keeping on hand over the next few weeks. Additionally, I'm trying to eliminate most processed food from my diet, so this list goes along those lines.

  1. Greek yogurt with stir in flavor. I'm not the biggest yogurt fan, but this particular kind is pretty tasty. 
  2. String cheese. 
  3. Hard boiled eggs. I like these because they're cheap, filling and can be sliced onto toast or mixed with other things.
  4. Stovetop popcorn to be popped in olive oil. This can be seasoned about 500 different ways depending on your mood. 
  5. Mandarin oranges. These things are a great quick snack with a boost of vitamin C. 
  6. Apples, which can be eaten alone or dressed up with yogurt or peanut butter. 
  7. Oatmeal, which is low calorie and quick, plus it's warm for on cold days. 
  8. Smoked salmon. I love how low calorie it is, and it tastes great with crackers. Only downside to this one is the price tag. 
  9. Superfood energy bites. I make these myself, and they are REALLY good. Search Pinterest for a recipe that tastes good to you. 
  10. Blueberries. Low calorie and packed with antioxidants. 
  11. Sliced turkey. Good alone or eaten with other stuff. 
  12. Dark chocolate, in small doses. 
  13. Raw almonds. 
  14. Cottage cheese. I actually really like this stuff. 
  15. Jerky, but without sugar or soy sauce. In small quantities, this can help a snack attack. You can also make your own. 
  16. Homemade trail mix. Just be careful to keep it low sugar. 
  17. Skim milk. I wish I was big on water, but I'm not. I'm still going to try, but this is a good substitute. 
  18. Cheese cubes of hard cheese. These tend to be lower in fat and very flavorful. 
  19. Pumpkin seeds. These super foods are great for salty cravings. 
  20. Almond butter. This stuff is awesome, but a little pricey. 
  21. Steamed cocktail shrimp. These are low calorie, taste good cold, and can be dipped in lemon juice or greek yogurt. 
  22. Pomegranate seeds. I love these in yogurt, oatmeal, or by themselves. 
  23. Carrot sticks. I am not a fan of raw veggies, but these I can tolerate once in a while. 
  24. Pistachios. Again, I wish they weren't so expensive, but this snack has the added bonus of helping you monitor what you are eating. 
  25. Hummus. I really like the garlic kind. 
  26. Olives. Not exactly the best thing for you, but they are a low calorie option for a salty craving. 
  27. Luna bars. Not exactly my favorite choice, due to price and my not tending to like things that come in wrappers, but they're good on the go. 
What are your go toe for healthy snacks? How do you balance busy life with healthy eating? 

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