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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

27 Ways to Beat the Cold Without Cranking the Heat

Earlier this week there was a knock on my door and winter rudely barged in and announced her arrival and intent to stay a while. Sure, there are a few days here and there she will supposedly be visiting her needy mother, but on the whole it seems she has settled herself in for the long haul. I refuse to spend my life savings (not much, considering I'm 24 and have student loans) to stay warm this winter, so instead, I am trying these 27 tricks to beat the cold.

  1. Footie pajamas. I'm telling you, these are a gem that we should never have labeled uncool in our teen years. They're super warm, and if you're like me and have a small puppy that needs to go out regularly, they eliminate the need for socks. 
  2. Speaking of dogs, spend some quality snuggle time with your favorite Fido. They'll love the attention and you'll love how warm and snuggly you feel inside and out. 
  3. Long johns. Yes, I know they're nerdy and uncool, but they definitely do the trick for keeping you warm when you must be in street clothing. If you can't get past it, consider leggings. 
  4. If you're baking anyways, open your oven door while it's cooling down. Just be sure to monitor pets and small children carefully. 
  5. Eat hot, stick to your ribs food. Maybe this is more mental than physical in some ways, but I find that oatmeal, grits, hearty soups and casseroles leave me feeling much warmer. 
  6. Embrace the sun in the day time and open your curtains. 
  7. Stuff towels in crevices and look into improving your insulation. It won't fix everything, but it can't hurt either. 
  8. Close curtains at night to hold in heat. 
  9. Take a hot shower or bath. 
  10. If you're taking a hot shower, leave the doors open and let the warm steam heat the rest of the house. 
  11. Run your dryer during the coldest parts of the day. 
  12. Close the vents in little used rooms. This will help concentrate the heat to areas that actually need it. Shut the doors to these rooms as well. 
  13. If it's an option, make a fire. We definitely enjoy the one at my parents' house, even though we can't yet make one ourselves. 
  14. Switch to flannel sheets. 
  15. Use a neck soother that has been heated in the microwave. These are great for muscle stiffness, but can also help to keep you warm while you read or watch TV. 
  16. Make yourself something hot to drink.
  17. Avoid getting cold in the first place. If you are going outside, wear appropriate clothing, particularly a hat. You can also invest in those little heat pouches that go in your shoes and gloves for super cold days. 
  18. Keep warm blankets on your sofa. 
  19. Avoid using ventilation fans. They suck up warm air alone with smells. Candles can take care of smells without taking out warm air. 
  20. Use your ceiling fan to help to circulate warm air. 
  21. Make sure your air filters are all in good working condition. 
  22. Keep yourself healthy and active. I know it's tempting to curl up on the couch with nothing but hot chocolate and a warm blanket for the next three months, but in the long run this really won't do you any good. 
  23. Change any damp or wet clothing immediately. This includes your sweaty socks. 
  24. Have friends over. Studies show that company makes you feel warmer, and extra bodies in your house add at least a little warmth. 
  25. Invest in a space heater for super cold days. 
  26. Consider getting a new roof or windows. The initial investment is pricy, but it can save you thousands over the course of a few years. 
  27. Curl up close to those you love. 
How do you beat the heat on cold days? 

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