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Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 Fashion Trends That I Don't Understand to the Point of Being Annoyed

I love fashion, but there are some really popular looks I just don't understand. I either find them to be impractical, unattractive, or just plain confusing. Here's a list of what I find to be the top 10 most confusing fashion trends.

Up first, crop tops. Okay, I get it, they're cute and if paired well can make you look taller, but let's get real. I am an average woman, and as such, I have an average woman's stomach. That is to say pale, not as flat as I would like, and generally not appropriate for public display. If you're skinny enough to pull one off, go for it. In general, they flatter few and make you look like a tween trying to be sexy, which is by far one of the least attractive things I can think of.

Second on the list, booties. Seriously, what idiot came up with these? They can't keep your feet warm, they don't look comfortable, and seem a little too similar to their infant counterpart. What the heck would you even wear them with? It seems like they also have a little too much potential to cut your legs up into oddly proportioned chunks. 

Third, a problem I have had for years. I hate 3/4 length sleeves. Be long sleeve or be short sleeve but commit dammit. Every time I wear one of these shirts I end up rolling up the sleeves to avoid pulling them down all day. 

Next on the list, boots without heels. Blame 20 years of horseback riding, but boots need to have heels, that way your foot won't slide through the stirrup. It irritates me even more if the top of the toe is soft, thus giving you no protection from being stepped on. Otherwise, what is the point in wearing them? Yes, I know not every boot is designed with horses in mind, but consider this. Boots with heels give you a better tush. Boots with hard tops last longer, and if you happen to have a tendency to get stepped on protect your feet. Plus the boots designed with horses in mind last longer, in general, than those that are not. 

Up next on my list, disproportionate layering. On top she's dressed in not one but two long sleeve tops, which is suited to a crisp fall to cold winter day. On the bottom she's got on shorts, which I only wear in months that have fewer that 4 letters in the name, or start with the letter A. Please explain to me a type of weather in which this outfit would be comfortable?

Continuing on my fashion rant: belts with no function. I can of see where it gives you more of a waist, but this doesn't apply to everyone. Personally, I find belts on the whole to be uncomfortable, cumbersome and just plain irritating. So, why wear on if you don't have to? 

That whole rant about 3/4 length tops. I have the same feelings about capris. Wear pants, wear shorts, do not wear their bastard love child. 

Next up, strangely placed sequins. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the stuff. You can't show Western Pleasure if you have anything against sequins. But sequins on just the shoulders, or used to make elbow pads. Where is the logic in that. 

Giant bows across the bosom of clothing. While some might argue that these, ahem, ladies are a gift in many respects, that doesn't mean you need to turn them into a present to be unwrapped. 

Last on my list, what is the deal with rompers? I thought they were on the way out and then, bam, my Pinterest feed is crawling with them. Why would a grown woman want to dress like an overgrown toddler? 

Is there anything out there you can't stand that either is or was in fashion? 

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