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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

27 Things Teachers Love/Can't Live Without

Teachers are a unique breed. We love our students as our own, during the year we can work as many as 16 hours a day, and while we're supposed to come off as calm and confident to our students and their parents, we're no different than anyone else and can freak out with the best of them. There are some things, however, that most of us can't get through a day without.

  1. Coffee. We work crazy long hours, we have to be at work at the crack of dawn, and then there's the ever frigid bus duty (which I by some miracle managed to escape this year). Coffee will equate you with a deity. 
  2. Chocolate. Have you ever met a teacher that doesn't love the stuff?
  3. Pinterest. We plan from it, we use it to get bulletin board ideas and if you can find a group with more cooking and crafting pins I'll be shocked. 
  4. Mini fridges. Our classrooms are sort of like college dorms. When we end up working late nights (which is all the time) these fridges are what sustain us. 
  5. Tervis cups, water bottles, etc. Hydration is a major issue for teachers. These cups are cute, come with a million and one themes and are virtually indestructible. In other words, every teacher needs quite a few. 
  6. Our teacher IDs. There are numerous places that give teachers discounts simply for flashing our school IDs. I keep mine with me full time. Here's a list of companies that give teacher discounts.
  7. Thirty-one. Their bags are cute and durable. Plus as a direct sales company it's something we can do on the side for extra cash. Most schools have at least one teacher rep. 
  8. Children's books. My collection is larger than most kids'. 
  9. People who don't make stupid comments. The most offensive "but you get 3 months/2 weeks/a whole week off at summer/Christmas/Easter." Do the math. It doesn't balance out. 
  10. Anchor charts. I swear there is an anchor chart for everything. 
  11. Cute things done with food. If we can teach a lesson and give kids a snack, we will. Although this is becoming less and less common, as regulations on what we can and can't give kids to eat.
  12. Etsy. One of a kind stuff is the bomb. 
  13. The ridiculous things that come out of our students mouths that split our sides because we're trying so hard not to laugh. I keep a notebook. 
  14. Youtube. I remember filmstrips when I was in kindergarten. Now there's a whole shmorgousboard of history lessons, math songs and brain breaks. Youtube saves lives, or at least scalps from grey hair. 
  15. Adorable classroom decorations. Yes, we know that having a cute classroom does not guarantee us an easy year, but we can still dream, right? 
  16. Microwave popcorn. Most of us would starve to seat without it. 
  17. Polka dots. Every teacher I know owns SOMETHING with polka dots. 
  18. Free stuff. We're broke and we always need more classroom supplies. Free stuff as a teacher= BEST THING EVER!
  19. Our pets. Sure, we love our students, and we even love our own kids if we have them, but other than my veterinarian friends, I don't know another set of people that adores or takes care of their animals as much or as well. 
  20. Reasons to celebrate. We're a goofy set, we dress up on a regular Tuesday because our administrator's declare it "Tacky Tuesday," and there is no one else who has such an appreciation for holiday themed snacks. Our job can be frustrating, tedious and thankless. Reasons to celebrate make it a little easier. 
  21. Puns. Walk into any elementary ed teacher's classroom and you'll find at least one proudly on display. It could be a candy list of the rules, or a sub folder with a submarine on the front, but you will see one. And don't get me started on all the punny teacher gifts there are out there. 
  22. Teachers Pay Teachers. This is an excellent resource and way to make a little cash on the side. Use it to find worksheets, handouts and full lessons. 
  23. Sharpies. If I ever invest in the stock market, this is what I'm buying. I use these things like they're going out of style. 
  24. Alcohol. Let's be honest, the job is stressful and a little booze (in moderation) helps us to unwind. 
  25. Clorox wipes. Basically the same as sharpies, just cleaner. 
  26. Clever ways to organize. Bonus points if its cute. 
  27. Anything that's customized. Maybe it's because so much of our stuff tends to get donated to class use. It's nice to have a few, "this is mine and you can't have it," things.
So if you're going to show your favorite teacher some love, keep these things in mind. 

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