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Friday, December 19, 2014

J is for Jeans: My Love for Old Navy

Photo from old navy.com
For the letter J, I have to take a moment to celebrate my new blue jeans and brag on my husband for a minute as well. I haven't exactly felt the best about my body here recently. While I've taken steps to correct this, I'd been putting off buying new clothes, because I hate to spend money on clothing that may not fit me after I drop a few pounds. Yesterday I had finally caved and gone to Goodwill in search of new jeans.

I will admit, I am VERY picky about certain articles of clothing and jeans are one of them. I am hard on jeans, and I need them to last, resist stains, and be versatile enough to be appropriate for many areas of my life. I buy Old Navy brand, at Goodwill, in sizes ranging from 4-8 and have for years. However, for the first time ever, I came up empty. I figured I'd try again at another store, but my husband had other ideas.

Last night, on the way home from my school's Christmas party, he took an unexpected detour, took me to Old Navy, and insisted I get jeans I felt good in. I tried to say it wasn't necessary, but he pointed out to me that I was frustrated with my clothing and that he had some extra tip money to spend. Not only did I find two pairs of jeans (size 6, thank you very much!) that fit perfectly, but I learned something that I didn't know, despite wearing them for years. Old Navy has several types of jeans, which they print on the inside waistband, to indicate the body type of the woman buying them. The waistband size is the same, but these three different types accommodate the variations in women's bodies. Apparently this is common knowledge, but no one ever bothered to tell me. So, if you are likewise clueless, here is a brief overview:

  • Rockstar- Supposedly, this is the jean for everyone due to their stretchiness. I've never worn these, so I can't confirm or deny. However, these are supposed to fit low on the waist, so they're probably not for me. 
  • Boyfriend- This is also supposed to fit everyone, but is looser than the Rockstar. I've also never worn these, and probably won't for the same reason I won't wear the rockstar. 
  • The Diva- This is where I have been going oh so wrong. These are women who are straight all the way down. Considering I have the curves of a mountain road, no wonder they wouldn't fit. 
  • The Flirt- Another failing of mine. This is for women with fuller thighs but no butt. I have both, so this is a no go for me, unless I want to go for a size 8, which I absolutely do not.
  • The Sweetheart- This is my dream jean. It is designed for women with all over curves, and I have to say, it looks AMAZING on. 
  • The Dreamer- I also have a few pairs of these jeans. They come up a little higher, so on the days I would prefer to hide my belly, I can. Not as good as the Sweetheart in terms of how I feel in them, but pretty damn close. 
So, now you know how to buy jeans at Old Navy, and I've gotten to gush over my obsession with them. Do you have a clothing brand you absolutely adore? 

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