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My name is Hailey and my grandfather is a farmer. I'm the 7th generation to live on the family farm, and my babies (when the time comes) are going to be the 8th. My husband and I are even renovating a trailer on my grandparent's farm so we can move back to the family farm sooner. This blog encompasses the things that are important to me. These things are:

~Special Education
~ADHD, including my own battle with it over the years. It's now my superpower.
~Farm Life
~Equal rights for women.
~Goal setting
~Fitness and health
~Financial Stability
~Personal Happiness

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#Love Me Day 5, A Letter to a Past Me

Dear Me Minus One Year,

Right now you're reeling from 2013, which was a tough year overall. 2014 won't be the easiest, but it will be better. 2015 promises to be the best trip around the sun yet. Would you believe me if I told you that:

  1. Today you have bronchitis, but you still can't seem to stop smiling.
  2. Your boss praised you publicly to a group of much more experienced teachers today, and that one of them was nice enough to share the information with you.
  3. You are volunteering to coach Girls on the Run. 
  4. You have two adorable dogs that light up your whole day
  5. You have some really good friends at your teaching job.
  6. You haven't had a pain spike from Chronic Pain Syndrome since October. 
  7. Brad has become a dog person.
  8. The two of you are laying out plans for a garden this year.
  9. You no longer live in that tiny apartment.
  10. You actually got to move back to the farm…without having to move in with your mother. 
  11. You are on track to be debt free by 28.
  12. People actually read a blog you write, and like it. 
  13. When you stopped giving a damn what other people thought, you started getting a lot more compliments. 
  14. You didn't have to go back to waiting tables to get out of a bad job situation.
  15. You're in the process of converting the fences on the farm to wood. 
  16. The most common thing you hear out of your students mouthes isn't "F*** you," anymore. It's "I love you."
  17. No matter who you co-teach with next year, odds are it will be one of your favorite people. 
  18. You and your body may not always agree, but you're definitely working much better together. 
  19. You haven't missed a single day of exercise this year. 
  20. You have time to read again.
  21. Brad has figured out how to cook some of the best food you've ever had. 
  22. You actually want to learn how to shoot. (One word, horrified 2014 me, coyotes.)
  23. You might actually have figured out what the heck to do with your life. 
  24. You somehow managed to finish graduate school. 
  25. Even your most difficult student is one you can love and adore without significant soul searching or effort. 
  26. You rock climb on a regular basis. 
  27. You are happier than you could have ever hoped to be. 
You probably don't because for all of our good points, we're still skeptical, but I'm telling you: trust yourself! We've done a lot in the last year. I leave you with the lyrics to one of our favorite songs. "Hold your head high. Don't ever let them define the light in your eyes. Love yourself, give them hell, you can take on this world. Just stand and be strong and fight like a girl. Have style and grace, kick ass and take names."


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