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My name is Hailey and my grandfather is a farmer. I'm the 7th generation to live on the family farm, and my babies (when the time comes) are going to be the 8th. My husband and I are even renovating a trailer on my grandparent's farm so we can move back to the family farm sooner. This blog encompasses the things that are important to me. These things are:

~Special Education
~ADHD, including my own battle with it over the years. It's now my superpower.
~Farm Life
~Equal rights for women.
~Goal setting
~Fitness and health
~Financial Stability
~Personal Happiness

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#LoveMe Day 15, Something I've Done Right

How rarely we as women give ourselves credit for the things that we have accomplished. Someone pays us a compliment, and instead of taking it, we reject it. Oh, I haven't lost that much weight , I still have a long way to go. Oh my cookies aren't that good, besides the recipe is so easy. That degree hanging on my wall I worked so hard for, it was just something I had to do. On and on. What is wrong with tooting our own horns now and again?

Once in conversation with my uncle, I said something to the effect of, "At the risk of tooting my own horn…" he cut me off and said, "You'd better toot your own horn. No one else will do it for you." So today, I am going to toot my own horn, ring my own bell, sound my own alarm and declare myself awesome. Here are 27 awesome things I have done or am doing.

  1. I started this blog for myself, following my own rules, without any need to please anyone else. 
  2. I married a terrific man and didn't settle for anything less than a fabulous life partner.
  3. I have made the choice not to bring children into the world until I am ready and can give them the life I feel they deserve.
  4. I am 3 years away from being debt free by following the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover plan.
  5. I am a phenomenal writer.
  6. I finished high school, a BA and an M. Ed. when some though I wouldn't finish high school. 
  7. I pay all my own bills and find extra ways to save and bring in money for my family. 
  8. I started my own side craft business.
  9. I am a really good first year teacher. 
  10. I am taking responsibility for my own personal health and happiness.
  11. I work a second job at a church to help support my family.
  12. I am starting a garden this year and pursuing the dream of farming full time. 
  13. I know how to cook an awesome dinner. 
  14. I coach Girls on the Run.
  15. I busted my butt to get my Justin Morgan Badge from the American Morgan Horse Association. 
  16. I have taught myself crafting techniques by being willing to do the research. 
  17. I am very organized and manage my time well.
  18. I take good care of my animals. 
  19. I have big dreams AND the courage to pursue them.
  20. I have refused to let any medical diagnosis define me or how I live my life.
  21. I am kind to others and do nice things without expecting anything back. 
  22. I can recognize my flaws without hating myself for them.
  23. I read books as a way to broaden my mind and further educate myself. 
  24. I dress nicely and put thought into my personal appearance. 
  25. I take personal responsibility for how I feel and do not depend on others to make me happy. 
  26. I am strong enough to climb rock walls, ride horses, lift hay bales and keep going through hard points. 
  27. I am true to myself. 
What have you done right? Today is the day. Time to give yourself some credit. 

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