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My name is Hailey and my grandfather is a farmer. I'm the 7th generation to live on the family farm, and my babies (when the time comes) are going to be the 8th. My husband and I are even renovating a trailer on my grandparent's farm so we can move back to the family farm sooner. This blog encompasses the things that are important to me. These things are:

~Special Education
~ADHD, including my own battle with it over the years. It's now my superpower.
~Farm Life
~Equal rights for women.
~Goal setting
~Fitness and health
~Financial Stability
~Personal Happiness

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#LoveMe Day 17, Things that Feed My Soul

I am lucky enough to come from a family that places a lot of value on happiness and individual choice. Walk into a room with my family and you will see a G.E.D. conversing with a Ph. D. and no one is uncomfortable or feels any less of a person for it. I know what feeds my soul and lights me up from the inside out. Here are 27 things that I consider to be my soul food.

  1. Having dinner with my husband. 
  2. My dogs and how happy they are to live with us. Farm dogs have it made. 
  3. Planting things and watching them grow. 
  4. Reading books that are in line with my goals. 
  5. Writing about things I believe in. 
  6. Spending time with my extended family. 
  7. Watching my horses run up from the field when I whistle. 
  8. Cooking really good food from scratch. 
  9. The whir of my sewing machine. 
  10. Crossing things off my to do list. 
  11. Running with my Girls on the Run girls. 
  12. The smiles of my students. 
  13. Sore muscles after a good workout. 
  14. Music. 
  15. Yoga. 
  16. The smiles of all the babies and toddlers in my life. 
  17. Days with warm sunshine. 
  18. A hot bowl of soup on a cold day. 
  19. Going to bed at night totally prepared for the next day. 
  20. Making plans for the farm. 
  21. Sharing what we have with friends. 
  22. Learning something new. 
  23. Doing something nice for someone else. 
  24. Spending time with the horses on the farm.
  25. The smell of rosemary. 
  26. Working on projects with my husband. 
  27. Laughter shared with family and friends. 
Feeding the soul is every bit as important as feeding the mind and body. What are you doing today to feed yours? 

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