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My name is Hailey and my grandfather is a farmer. I'm the 7th generation to live on the family farm, and my babies (when the time comes) are going to be the 8th. My husband and I are even renovating a trailer on my grandparent's farm so we can move back to the family farm sooner. This blog encompasses the things that are important to me. These things are:

~Special Education
~ADHD, including my own battle with it over the years. It's now my superpower.
~Farm Life
~Equal rights for women.
~Goal setting
~Fitness and health
~Financial Stability
~Personal Happiness

Monday, February 9, 2015

#LoveMe Challenge Day 9, Share Something Beautiful

This is one of the hardest topics yet. I am surrounded by so much beauty, being blessed as I am to live on a farm, to teach wonderful children, and to have an amazing family. Here are 27 things that I encounter on a daily basis that are beautiful to me.

  1. The students I get to teach, particularly my first graders, who can get a smile out of me on even my worst day.
  2. The people I get to work with who are continually supportive of all that I encounter. 
  3. The homemade bread my husband has taken up baking as of late. 
  4. The way my parents still adore each other, even after 25+ years of marriage. 
  5. The two Morgan mares that come running at my whistle.
  6. A husband that is willing to dream crazy dreams with me. 
  7. The trailer we live in, a true labor of love.
  8. The land we live on, representing years of farming both past and to come. 
  9. The love my family has for eat other, and their undying commitment to make the world a better place.
  10. The two dogs who snuggle with me on the couch each night. 
  11. The ability I have to make crafty things that can be enjoyed by others. 
  12. My writing ability. 
  13. The written word of so many others that guide me through difficult times. 
  14. My newfound search for self acceptance and love. 
  15. The humor that is everyday life.
  16. The assurance that if I mix together eggs and cheese and put them in a frying pan I can scramble an amazing egg. 
  17. The many babies Brad and I are lucky enough to get to watch grow. 
  18. The many goals I have the courage to pursue. 
  19. My family and all the love it has to offer. 
  20. The few extra minutes of daylight I see each day as we get closer and closer to spring. 
  21. Music of all kinds and the healing power it has. 
  22. Friendship that spans generations. 
  23. Embracing the process of my fitness journey, instead of just focusing on the end result.
  24. The girls I get to coach for Girls on the Run. 
  25. Smiles from all.
  26. Random acts of kindness in any form. 
  27. Joy and the pursuit of it. 
Beauty is joy in its purest form. 

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